Checkpoint Showtime: A Mentalist’s Encounter with the Guards

Mentalist stopped at Garda checkpoint

In the world of mentalism, ordinary situations often transform into extraordinary tales. This story unfolded after a wedding performance, proving that magic extends beyond the stage.

The evening was filled with laughter and craic at an ‘unnamed venue’. However, as I was leaving, I encountered an unexpected twist – a Garda checkpoint just outside.

As I pulled up, the guard, all focused and direct, asked if I’d been drinking. “Nope, I was performing at the wedding,” I responded. “What do you do?” he asked. “I’m a mindreader,” I replied.

He looked at me sceptically. “No, seriously, have you had a drink?”

“Absolutely not, I’m a mentalist and mindreader. I just came from that wedding,” I clarified.

His patience thinning, he pressed further, “Just tell me if you had a drink.” I reassured him, “No, Garda, I stay sober when I’m working. It’s crucial for my act. But if you’re curious, I’d be happy to give you and your colleagues a quick demonstration.”

Mentalist reads the mind of a Garda

He couldn’t resist. He called over the other guards and prepared the breathalyser, announcing, “This man claims he’s a mindreader. Let’s see what he’s got.”

I launched into a swift mind-reading act, accurately guessing that his first crush was named ‘Siobhan’. The guards lost it – errupting into laughter and jumping around. The spectacle must’ve baffled the drivers waiting behind us.

Then came the breathalyser test. I passed with flying colours. The guard, struggling to stay composed, affirmed, “You passed.” I replied with a playful smirk,, “Well, that’s what you think!” Their laughter redoubled.

Mentalist passes breathalyzer test

With a friendly nod, the guard waved me off, “Go on, get outta here.”

As I drove away, I reflected on mentalism’s unique ability to transform and lighten even the most routine situations. It’s not just about mind-reading; it’s about changing the energy of the moment, infusing wonder and joy into people’s lives, even during a routine Garda stop.

That night, what could have been a simple checkpoint turned into a platform for a memorable and spontaneous exhibition of mentalism, creating a memory that will linger with me.


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