People celebrating at a corporate party

How long before we can do this again?

Despite all the gloom, there are still lots of reasons to be cheerful as we look to emerge from the shadow of Covid-19.
The Berglas Effect - Shane Black Mentalist Blog

How one of the most famous and difficult tricks of all time is now part of my virtual act.

If you think that a virtual mind reading act is not as powerful as a performance in the flesh, you ain't seen nothing yet. Check out what you’re missing in my latest blog.
Why you shouldn’t fear the hospitality sector right now - Shane Black blog

Why you shouldn’t fear the hospitality sector right now.

If you’ve booked a hotel for your wedding – or are planning to do so shortly – here’s a personal experience of the extraordinary lengths they’re going to in the fight against Covid.
Tips on addressing a virtual conference - Shane Black Magician blog

Addressing a virtual conference – some key rules.

Presenting to a live audience through a screen can seem intimidating if you’re not accustomed to it. Here are a few handy tips to help you deliver that virtual speech or keynote address.
Shane Black Magician blog - Are virtual events the future?

Virtual events are not to be feared – so let’s start embracing them.

With virtual conferences and events now becoming the new normal, here’s a few handy tips to make sure you're getting the most from them.
Virtual Events are the new 'real' - Shane Black Magician blog

Why virtual is the new ‘real’ when it comes to corporate events.

If your company is looking to host a virtual conference or staff event, here are some simple tips on pulling it off in a way that loses none of the communications power – but saves you a small fortune!
Shane Black Wedding Entertainer Blog - Keeping your guest list to 50

Some thought-starters on keeping your wedding party below 50!

If you're one of those couples who are proceeding with your wedding based on a party of 50 or fewer, here are some tips on how you can pare down your invitation list to this very tough target figure.
What can we learn from the English guidelines for Covid weddings?

What we can learn from the English guidelines for Covid weddings?

With very little guidance coming from government sources on what we can and can’t do during a Covid-era wedding, maybe you’ll find some inspiration in what the English authorities are advising couples to do?
Shane Black Wedding Blog - Lockdown Weddings

What will your wedding look like as restrictions ease?

The second half of 2020 will see more and more couples decide to tie the knot – despite the Covid-19 restrictions that will apply. But what do those restrictions look like – and how might they affect your big day?

Love – and weddings – in the age of Covid-19!

If you thought that nobody was married in Ireland over the past few months, then think again. Here’s the truth about how many couples have ploughed on with their weddings, despite all of the challenges out there.
Crazy Wedding Stories - Shane Black Magician & Mentalist

The weird, the wacky and the wonderful wedding stories – as told by you guys out there!

I’ve seen some very odd things happen at weddings over the years – but nowhere near as strange as you guys have seen. Here’s a small sample of some of the strangest and funniest.
Wedding Magician and Mentalist Shane Black reveals his wedding disasters

It’s the happiest day of your life – but things CAN go wrong if you're not careful!

We desperately want our big day go be absolutely flawless, but I’ve seen a number of mini-disasters over the years that cast a bit of a shadow over the wedding experience.