Four important tips for planning a wedding in the post-Covid era.

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It’s fantastic to see the environment changing so rapidly as the post-Covid era draws closer with every passing day. But in the euphoria of getting back to something like normality, there are still a few issues that you should take into account.

Read every contract.

In the past, many of us might not have bothered to read the fine print in contracts we signed with wedding suppliers. But today, it’s more important than ever. For example, what would happen if Covid surged again and if you had to cancel or downscale your wedding. Would you be entitled to repayment of refunds, or would the wedding venue be prepared to postpone the booking to a later date – at no penalty? These are really important things to know, so don’t rush into signing anything till you’ve read the fine print.

Have a Plan B in place.

Many couples will be super-excited at the prospect of having ‘the big wedding’, and not having to scrimp on the numbers they can invite, because of Covid restrictions. But here’s the thing. We’re all hoping for the best, but it’s prudent to prepare for the worst. In other words, if you have to suddenly scale down your wedding to just 50 guests because of a resurgence of the virus, can you still deliver a day that will be memorable? Rather than react at the last minute, it pays to have these sort of things ‘up your sleeve’ – just in case.


Your budget is more important than ever.

We all know that it costs a small fortune to stage a wedding. Why else is it called ‘your big day’! But with so much uncertainty out there in terms of how events in Ukraine may affect us, or how Brexit will yet have an impact on Irish jobs, maybe it’s time that we reverted to making a firm budget – and then sticking to it. This doesn’t mean that you need to ‘do things on the cheap’ – it just means that money is an object, and you should treat it as such.


Decide where your ‘red lines’ are.

No matter how much you’re willing to compromise, there are probably a few elements of your wedding that you simply don’t want to back down on it. Maybe you’ve always wanted to have your reception in that beautiful little hotel overlooking the sea? Or maybe you want to hire that big Cajun band that was such a success at your sister’s wedding? If this is the case, it’s a really good exercise to write down all of the elements of your wedding – then attach a value number to each, from most important to second most important, and so on. When you’ve completed the list and arranged it in value order, it’s much easier to see where you should really invest your efforts – and your budget.


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