8 Things Astute Brides Do That Wedding Guests Love.

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Planning a wedding is a fun yet mammoth task.

It’s also about creating an experience that will live for a long time in the memory.

Which is why it’s vital to consider your guests at every step of the way, from their arrival at the ceremony to getting them back to their overnight accommodation.

In this article, we look at 8 top tips that will help you plan your big day like a professional wedding planner.

Implement these steps and feel relaxed in the knowledge that your guests are being well looked after right throughout the day.


A wedding hashtag is a great way to capture the priceless moments of the day from the perspective of your guests.

Brainstorm a creative and catchy hashtag early on and try to pick something unique that won’t get buried in the mix.

Have it printed on your wedding stationery and signage, and make sure it’s prominently displayed at the reception.

Or why not ask guests to upload videos directly from their phones with a wedding video app such as Memfies, which collects all the footage and creates an amazing highlight video within a week.

Photo by Moat Hill Photography – www.mhphoto.ie


Yes, guests love seeing a couple exchange vows…but let’s be honest: They’re really there for the reception.

Think about ways to keep the ceremony short and simple so that everyone can get inside with plenty of time to mix and mingle.


Nobody enjoys standing around like a lost lemon, wondering where they’re supposed to go next.

Guests will appreciate knowing where they’re supposed to be—and when.

So why not consider DIY wedding signs pointing to the ceremony and reception, or a seating plan to show them where they are sitting.

Just be nice and try to seat everyone next to people they actually like!


For guests, those hours between arriving at your venue and the formal meal can sometimes drag big-time.

That’s why it’s so smart to make sure that they’re seriously entertained and engrossed during those in-between hours before your wedding celebration kicks off for real.

A professional wedding entertainer is your answer here.

And nothing is as guaranteed to put a smile on their faces as a really unforgettable magic act.

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Having a skilful mentalist or mind reader perform at your wedding reception is the perfect icebreaker.

It brings guests together and creates a huge “buzz” that will keep them talking to each other right throughout the day.

It all boils down to the right choice of wedding entertainment.


If you’re thinking of opening up the floor to anyone who’d like to express their well wishes, think again.

You may regret that decision when your drunk and long-winded uncle gets a hold of that microphone.

Consider pre-recording some of the more important speeches by simply rounding them up the previous week and letting them record their speech on a smartphone.

They can re-record it if they’re not happy with it, or if it’s too long and rambling.

This means that they can relax on the big day, and simply watch their own speech being broadcast on a big screen.


Some people can’t dance – and they really don’t want to look like fools trying.

Offer an alternative form of entertainment such as a photo booth, some games, a pool table, etc.

Your dance-averse friends will thank you.


If you’re planning on having children on the guest list, always make sure they’re catered for and entertained.

Parents will be thrilled if there’s a designated kids’ zone with toys, an area with crafts, or maybe a children’s entertainer.

Research some good wedding child minders so that parents can enjoy a date night courtesy of your big day.


When you think of memorable moments from your wedding, you don’t want your uncle’s drink-driving arrest to be one of them!

Let your wedding guests relax and party without worrying about who the designated driver is.

Make sure that you have transportation to get them safely from the reception to the hotel.

And for when the night is over, consider arranging transport for your guests to return to their accommodation.

Many coach companies offer special wedding rates and night time shuttle services.

Your guests will love you for it.

Photo by Moat Hill Photography – www.mhphoto.ie

And remember, if you relax and enjoy yourself, the chances are your guests will too.

It’s simple, but true.

If you are worried about the seating plan or embarrassing speeches, your guests will notice those things too.

If you are full of joy and hope and love, on the other hand, your guests will be in a similar frame of mind.

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