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What to expect

Prepare for sensory overload when mentalist and mind-reader Shane Black takes to the virtual stage to mess with your sense of reality!

Shane is one of Ireland’s most sought-after professional entertainers, specialising in his own unforgettable brand of Mentalism.

From astounding feats of mind-reading to unbelievable demonstrations of influence, this will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

The show is highly interactive and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your screen! But you won’t just sit back and watch… every decision will be in your hands!

You will think of words, names, PINs, objects, and Shane will be getting inside your head through the screen.

How it works

  • Upgrade to the latest version of Zoom to ensure the best experience.
  • Join when the “doors” to the waiting room open 15 minutes before the event’s start time. We’ll get you all checked in for the event at this time.
  • You may be unmuted at times throughout the show to interact with Shane.
  • Switch off other devices using Wi-Fi or use flight mode (other people in the house using Netflix etc.)
  • Once logged in, you can rename your Zoom title to reflect who is on screen (e.g. The Murphy family, or Dave & Emma). This way Shane can call on you by your real names.
  • Have fun and enjoy the live show that is personalized just for you!


From my home to yours, I look forward to sharing my online show ‘Virtual Revelations’, and I’m truly excited to meet you.

Share your experience on social media with the hashtag #VirtualRevelations, and discover more by following me on the social links below.

See you at the show!

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