Covid-19 Notice


This is to confirm that Shane Black has conducted a thorough overhaul of his mentalism performance to ensure that he is fully compliant with all recommendations on social distancing and other anti-viral practices.

For all performances at weddings and corporate events, Shane has ensured that:

  • His act does not require any close-up contact with guests.
  • He does not exchange any props or items with guests, e.g. playing cards, photography, mobile phones etc.
  • He does not require any guests to physically interact with each other as part of his act.

In addition, Shane self-sanitises on arrival at the venue, and at no more than thirty-minute intervals during his stay there.

If any specific additional protection measures have been put in place by the venue, Shane is happy to comply – or exceed – them, in the interests of health and safety.

If you have booked Shane for an upcoming event, and require a letter of compliance for your venue, a pdf download is provided below.

Covid-19 compliance letter for venues