What’s The Best Time To Have A Mentalist At My Wedding?

Wedding Entertainment Ireland - Shane Black

I often get asked when the best time is to start my performance at a wedding.

And normally, I suggest the drinks reception / pre dinner period.

For guests, this can be something of a ‘dead time’, as they’re usually just waiting to eat at that point.

It’s therefore, the perfect time to kick off the entertainment and introduce my act.

Most people have never experienced a mentalist or mind reader so this is a surefire way to make your drinks reception entertainment truly memorable.

It makes an impact from the minute the wedding celebrations kick-off, and ensures awe-stricken guests, as well as setting the right tone for the evening ahead.

Additionally, it creates fantastic opportunities for your photographer to capture hilariously candid and natural photos of guests smiling, laughing and enjoying themselves.

Each of my performances are completely unique, reacting to the mood of the day and the age profile of the audience – so much so that many guests will assume that I am a guest – adding all the more to the surprise!

I recently had the pleasure of working alongside the very talented wedding photographer Olga Hogan in Charleville Park Hotel.

Olga beautifully captured these raw moments of astonishment and guests’ reactions to my performance.

To find out more about Olga Hogan Photography please visit her website – https://www.olgahoganphotography.com/

© Photos by Olga Hogan Photography

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