What sort of entertainment will simply blow away corporate guests who’ve seen it all before?

Corporate Entertainment Ireland - Shane Black

One of the biggest problems with devising entertainment for your next company training day or team building day is that it’s getting increasingly difficult to come up with something they haven’t seen before. Companies are investing more and more in their events, and also spending more time in selecting the corporate entertainer and devising their entertainment programme.

The upshot of this is that it’s really difficult to deliver the unexpected and create an impact that will last for a very long time afterwards. Difficult – but not impossible! Here are a few simple ways in which you can get your guests talking for months afterwards.

Incognito Guest.

As soon as you introduce an entertainer, your guests are on high alert, almost demanding that they be wowed by whoever takes to the stage at that moment. But what if you don’t introduce your entertainer? What if you just let him mingle with your guests – as if he’s just another one on the guest list. But over the next hour, they’ll eventually discover for themselves that they’re in the company of a ‘card shark’, a mind reader, and a conjuror of extraordinary talent and imagination. It’s fantastic to hear the ripple going around the room: “check out the guy in the dinner jacket, he’s absolutely unbelievable”.

Turn the tables on your M.D.

Your Managing Director is the one who has all the answers. But what if you turn the tables on him by letting him be on the receiving end of some close-up mind reading at the hands of Ireland’s leading practitioner. Assuming you’ve cleared it with the M.D. in advance, it can be great craic for the staff to see their boss squirming as Shane correctly guesses his PIN. Or fails to keep a secret as Shane probes his mind to discover what he’s thinking.

Get some networking going.

Not all your guests will know each other, and may feel a little reticent in introducing themselves formally to complete strangers. But as they break up into small groups to watch Shane in action, they automatically get drawn into the conversation, and soon find that they’re on first name terms as they see the magic unfold in front of their eyes.

Corporate Entertainment Ireland - Shane Black

Introduce your event theme in a super-clever way.

Most corporate get-togethers have a central theme – something that you want your guests to remember long after they’ve got back to their desks. By briefing Shane on what the theme is – and how it relates to your guests – he can incorporate this into his patter and make sure that there’s absolutely no doubt as to what you want them to remember.

Create an internal hero.

Every company has a character who really missed his or her vocation. They really should have been on stage rather than working in the corporate sector. So how about giving Shane access to this person in advance – and teaching them a simple but powerful trick that will wow the audience on the night. Shane will casually ask if there’s anyone in the crowd who knows a trick or two, providing the opening for the company ‘plant’ to further enhance his reputation as an absolute legend. 

Go big with a stage act.

Shane is totally happy to spend his time mingling with small numbers of guests, but if there are too many to get to, then why not have him perform a spine-tingling 30-minute act on your main stage. Again, this can include members of your own staff or some of your corporate guests. And if you have a videographer on hand to capture the proceedings, this can make a great souvenir when it turns up in your guests’ inboxes a few days later – the perfect memory of a great night.

You can see from the examples above that there are lots of different ways to cause a real stir at your next corporate event, so why not get in touch with Shane and start a conversation as to how he can weave some true magic throughout your sales conference or client event with his unique and high-impact form of corporate entertainment.

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