Four fab tips to make your wedding one to remember!

So sticking with that theme of my last blog, I’m setting out another four tips to help you deliver the sort of guest-centred wedding that people will talk about for years to come.

Four great tips to make your wedding go with a bang!

The old adage that “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” really holds true when planning a wedding. Here are four things you could be doing right now to set the tone for an absolutely amazing wedding.

8 Things Astute Brides Do That Wedding Guests Love.

Planning a wedding is a fun yet mammoth task, but it’s also about creating an experience that will live for a long time in the memory. The really smart bride knows what her guests want – and here’s a quick summary of what she does with that information.

How doing your homework pays dividends – big time!

It’s one of the great paradoxes of the modern wedding that couples spend so much time planning the big day – but skimp on their research when it comes to booking their entertainment.

The growth in the ‘Real Wedding’ – how the second day of celebrations can be even better than the Big Day.

Weddings are rightfully referred to as ‘The Big Day’, and there’s no doubt that brides and grooms the length and breadth of the land invest so much of themselves in this single day that it’s hard to imagine a bigger event – leaving aside the arrival of the kids, of course!

What’s The Best Time To Have A Mentalist At My Wedding?

I often get asked when the best time is to start my performance at a wedding, and normally, I suggest the drinks reception / pre dinner period.

How To Get Great Value From An Off-Peak Wedding.

If you’re working on a tight budget but still want to have your dream wedding, then maybe the secret lies in being more selective in when you have your big day